Thelondonpaper apologises to Boris Johnson over kid pictures

Editor of thelondonpaper Stefano Hatfield has apologised to Boris Johnson after his paper published photographs of the London mayor on holiday with his family.

Photographs of celebrities with their children, when on private business, are considered an infringement of privacy – as upheld by a 2004 ruling from the European Court of Human Rights involving Princess Caroline of Monaco.

Johnson complained under clause three of the Editors’ Code (privacy) and clause six, which involves children.

Clause six states: ‘A child under 16 must not be interviewed or photographed on issues involving their own or another child’s welfare unless a custodial parent or similarly responsible adult consents.”

And it also says: ‘Editors must not use the fame, notoriety or position of a parent or guardian as sole justification for publishing details of a child’s private life.”

Thelondonpaper photos, published on 28 May, showed Johnson and his children walking in a street and sitting aboard a boat in a town in Turkey.

The complaint was resolved when thelondonpaper editor Stefano Hatfield sent a letter to the mayor and his wife apologising for publication of the pictures.

According to the PCC, Hatfield: “made clear that as soon as he had been made aware of their concerns, the photographs had been removed from the newspaper’s website and internal archive. He assured them that thelondonpaper would abide by the Code of Practice regarding the family’s privacy in the future.”

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