The Week's alternative to the web's 'instant news-fix'

The Week’s editor-in-chief Jeremy O’Grady has put the magazine’s continuing sales success down to its ability to offer unique content that cannot be found online.

The latest ABC figures released on Thursday saw the current affairs magazine report a 4.2 per cent year-on-year increase, with its circulation now standing at 191,401.

O’Gray said he was not surprised that the magazine achieved another circulation boost – its sales have increased every year since 2000 and more than doubled over the past eight.
He told Press Gazette that while many publications were losing out because of the internet’s ability to provide ‘an instant news-fix”, The Week was providing a unique service.

‘Without blowing too brash a trumpet, it seems to me that we often increase in circulation,’said O’Grady, reacting to the figures.

‘In this climate – when people are trying to save money – there are many substitutes for general news for free online.

‘The great joy of The Week is it provides a pleasure and service that it’s hard to find substitutes for – not something you can go online for.

‘A lot of people continue to think this is something they couldn’t get elsewhere.”

He added: ‘We also have an extremely innovative marketing team who are often coming up with very surprising ways of getting out the magazine.”

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