The technicolour Telegraph

So what are we to make of today’s technicolour Daily Telegraph?

The expanded comment section promises much, but is strangely redolent of a Sunday newspaper and therefore seems to lack the necessary daily pace. And the lesson that less is more has been blithely ignored, with full colour on the TV listings pages and, in particular, on the previously peerless Obits page doing far more harm than good.

Predictably, as is the current obsession of the red-socked twats, sections have been colour-coded, with news branded blue; comment and features, maroon; and business, dark blue. Why do they do this? It would be stupidly simplistic in a Ladybird book, never mind in one of the nation’s premier posh papers.

If I’m reading a story about South Ossetia, then I’m pretty sure that I’m in the world news section. If I’m reading a story about someone called Sienna Miller who is shagging some actor I’ve never heard of, then I know I’m in what passes for the Telegraph’s home news pages.

To suggest that I need a colour bar at the top of the page to explain to me where I am is just pathetic. Our legendary lifelong Telegraph reader, Wing Commander Bunny Bufton-Tufton, managed to firebomb Dresden with less guidance.


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