The Sun gleefully monsters The Guardian, non-UK newspaper writes headline

Sun gleefully monsters Guardian

The Guardian has never been more loathed by Sun journalists.

Not only do they blame misreporting of the Milly Dowler false-hope claim for the closure of the News of the World.

But there is the little matter of the false allegations in The Guardian that The Sun doorstepped one of the Leveson counsels, that it published a countdown clock marking time until Charlotte Church reached 16 and that it hacked Gordon Brown’s medical records.

So this Sun story (pictured above) should probably be read in the light of previous history.

It reports that Yorkshire Ripper killer Peter Sutcliffe has revealed that he hates all newspapers except The Guardian.

It gleefully goes on: “He joins a list of monsters who are fans of the left-wing broadsheet. Lonelyheart Crossbow Cannibal Stephen Griffiths touted himself on Guardian Soulmates. Also listed was Vincent Tabak – killer of Jo Yeates.”

Can’t we claim it on expenses? Oh, wait

The Times, Sunday Times and Financial Times appears to have priced themselves out of contention to be provided online to members of the House of Commons.

Cynics might wonder why £65k a year MPs can’t afford to buy their own subscriptions to such important titles. Advertisers in said newspapers might also be wondering why the papers can’t come to some arrangement.

John Thurso MP revealed in Hansard that price of an online sub to the FT was deemed unaffordable after the library price rose by 250 per cent between 2005 and 2011 and then was set to go up 85 per cent in 2012.

A news aggregation service used by the library does not index the paywalled Times titles and apparently the price offered for access was more than the cost of access to all other news content for the library combined.

Non-UK newspaper writes headline

A nomination for the most parochial headline ever comes from the Riverfront Times in St Louis, USA. Reporting on the death of poet TS Eliot’s wife, Valerie Fletcher Eliot, it gives the tale this headline:

“Former St. Louisan T.S. Eliot’s Non-St. Louisan Wife Dies; Responsible for Existence of Cats”

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