The royal bottom cover-up and seven times the Mail showed rather less restraint

The Daily Mail, whose website is home to the infamous sidebar of shame, today took a stand over a photograph of the Duchess of Cambridge which revealed her "flimsy underwear" after a gust of wind caught her dress.

Describing the picture as a breach of privacy, which ran in German daily Bild beneath some "tasteless headlines", the Mail noted that British newspapers refused to print it.

Axegrinder wonders if this means the Mail will show more respect for female modesty across the board. Because there have been times when the title has shown less restraint:

For Sally Bercow

And for Kim Kardashian. Hardly a privacy breach, but is it ever acceptable to have "sideboob" in a headline?

Actress Reese Witherspoon enjoying a 'a quiet stroll' to the shops

Reality TV star Lauren Goodger

Real housewives star Joanna Krupa out walking her dog

Britney Spears watching her children play football

The, er, Duchess of Cambridge on another occasion



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