The Press Awards 2012: Shortlisted journalists

The shortlist for this year’s new look Press Awards has been announced, with The Times leading the way with the most nominations.

For the first time there are separate categories for broadsheet and popular papers in the feature writer of the year, interviewer of the year and columnist of the Year sections. The shortlist for the newspaper of the year category has yet to be announced.

Three Guardian reporters have been nominated for the news reporter of the year catergory: Nick Davies, Paul Lewis and Rupert Neate. They will be up against the Daily Mirror’s David Collins, Sharon Churcher from the Mail on Sunday and The Times’ Andrew Norfolk.

The awards – which recognise work published in 2011 – will be presented on 20 March 2012 at the Lancaster Hotel in London.

Young Journalist of the Year

  • George Arbuthnott, The Mail on Sunday
  • Simon Boyle, Daily Mirror
  • Laurie Penny, The Independent
  • Laura Pitel, The Times
  • Ruth Sherlock, The Daily Telegraph

Business & Finance Journalist of the Year

  • Alex Brummer, Daily Mail
  • John Gapper, Financial Times
  • Andrew Hill, Financial Times
  • James Quinn, The Sunday Telegraph
  • Harry Wilson & Philip Aldrick, The Daily Telegraph

Political Journalist of the Year

  • Matthew D’Ancona, The Daily Telegraph/London Evening Standard
  • Isabel Oakeshott, The Sunday Times
  • Peter Oborne, The Daily Telegraph
  • Rachel Sylvester, The Times
  • Simon Walters, The Mail on Sunday

Foreign Reporter of the Year

  • Ian Birrell, Freelance
  • Martin Chulov, The Guardian
  • Andrew Gilligan, The Daily/Sunday Telegraph
  • Hala Jaber, The Sunday Times
  • Roula Khalaf, Financial Times

Showbiz Reporter of the Year

  • Nicola Methven, Daily Mirror
  • Sara Nathan, Daily Mail
  • Colin Robertson, The Sun
  • Gordon Smart, The Sun
  • Ben Todd, Daily Mail

Sports Journalist of the Year

  • David Conn, The Guardian
  • Martin Samuel, Daily Mail
  • Mark Souster, The Times
  • David Walsh, The Sunday Times
  • Martyn Ziegler, Press Association

Specialist Reporter of the Year

  • Amelia Gentleman, The Guardian
  • Robert Hardman, Daily Mail
  • Jeremy Laurance, The Independent
  • Sarah O’Connor, Financial Times
  • Jay Rayner, The Observer

Feature Writer of the Year – BROADSHEET

  • John Arlidge, The Sunday Times
  • John Henley, The Guardian
  • Jon Ronson, The Guardian
  • David James Smith, The Sunday Times
  • Amy Turner, The Sunday Times

Feature Writer of the Year – POPULAR

  • Paul Bracchi, Daily Mail
  • Martin Fricker, Daily Mirror
  • Oliver Harvey, The Sun
  • David Jones, Daily Mail
  • Ross Wynne-Jones, Daily Mirror

Interviewer of the Year – BROADSHEET

  • Lynn Barber, The Sunday Times Magazine
  • Robert Chalmers, The Independent on Sunday
  • Camilla Long, The Sunday Times
  • Deborah Ross, The Independent
  • Rachel Sylvester & Alice Thomson, The Times

Interviewer of the Year – POPULAR

  • Jane Fryer, Daily Mail
  • Louise Gannon, The Mail on Sunday
  • Angela Levin, The Mail on Sunday
  • Beth Neil, Fabulous
  • Melissa Thompson, Daily Mirror

Columnist of the Year – BROADSHEET

  • Daniel Finkelstein, The Times
  • Liz Jones, Mail on Sunday
  • Caitlin Moran, The Times
  • Peter Oborne
  • Melanie Reid, The Times

Columnist of the year – POPULAR

  • Craig Brown, Daily Mail
  • Sue Carroll, Daily Mirror
  • Richard Godwin, Evening Standard
  • Ephraim Hardcastle, Daily Mail
  • Melanie Phillips, Daily Mail

Critic of the Year

  • Craig Brown, The Mail on Sunday
  • AA Gill, The Sunday Times
  • Henry Hitchings, London Evening Standard
  • Caitlin Moran, The Times
  • Brian Sewell, London Evening Standard
  • Jim Shelley, Daily Mirror

Diarist of the Year

  • Atticus, The Sunday Times
  • Matthew Bell, The Independent on Sunday
  • Richard Kay, Daily Mail
  • Londoner’s Diary, London Evening Standard
  • Robert Shrimsley, Financial Times

Photographer of the Year

  • Chris Harris, The Times
  • Jack Hill, The Times
  • Dan Kitwood, Getty Images
  • Pete Nicholls, The Times
  • Oli Scarff, Getty Images

Sports Photographer of the Year

  • Shaun Boterill, Getty Images
  • Mike Egerton, Press Association
  • John Giles, Press Association
  • Andy Hooper, Daily Mail
  • Richard Pelham, The Sun

Cartoonist of the Year

  • Steve Bell, The Guardian
  • Peter Brookes, The Times
  • Matt Pritchett, The Daily Telegraph
  • Chris Riddell, The Observer
  • Gerald Scarfe, The Sunday Times

Campaign of the Year

  • Daily Mail, Stephen Lawrence
  • Financial Times, Care Homes
  • London Evening Standard, Literacy
  • The Sunday Telegraph, Forests
  • The Times, Adoption

Supplement of the Year

  • Culture, The Sunday Times
  • Fabulous, The Sun
  • FT Weekend Magazine, Financial Times
  • Observer Food Monthly, The Observer
  • Royal Wedding Special, The Daily Telegraph
  • The Times Magazine, The Times

Website of the Year

  • Financial Times
  • Mail Online
  • The Sunday Times
  • The Telegraph
  • Times iPad

Best of Humour Award

  • Peter Brookes, The Times
  • Craig Brown, Daily Mail
  • Jeremy Clarkson, The Sunday Times
  • Victoria Coren, The Observer
  • Hugo Rifkind, The Times

News Reporter of the Year

  • Sharon Churcher, The Mail on Sunday
  • David Collins, Daily Mirror
  • Nick Davies
  • Paul Lewis, The Guardian
  • Rupert Neate, The Guardian
  • Andrew Norfolk, The Times

Cudlipp Award

  • Daily Mirror: Real Britain series
  • Daily Mail: Humbling of a Bank Giant
  • Daily Mirror: Bombardier campaign
  • London Evening Standard: Get London Reading campaign
  • Daily Mail: Stephen Lawrence murder campaign
  • The Sun: Get Britain Learning series

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