The Nether Regions: a one-stop shop of regional press hilarity

An unnecessarily orange wife, the tale of an elderly flasher with specially modified ‘pervy trousers” allowing ‘direct access to his genitals”, a story about the search for a shop that sold custard – yes the regional press is a goldmine of everyday hilarity.

If only one could easily read tales of the weird and wonderful people that grace the pages of the nation’s papers each week – wouldn’t that be bliss?

Step forward The Nether Regions – Press Gazette’s new favourite blog:

“It must have been a slow news day in the seaside town of Whitstable, Kent, when the local paper decided to run with the story of a woman who wanted to buy custard, couldn’t find any, eventually found some, but it wasn’t the brand she would really have liked. There are few words to describe such a series of events, but somehow the Whitstable Times found 652.”

And its glorious raison d’être?

‘Welcome to the nether regions, the blog that slips an affectionate hand between the thighs of the regional media.”

Joy unbound…

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