The microeconomics of churnalism


From The Churner Prize, here’s an IM chat that took place between a tech freelancer and a commissioning editor who works for “a well-known publishing outfit responsible for some high-profile print and web titles”.

CommishEd: fancy a bit of news freelancing?
TechHack: can do
CommishEd: goodo
CommishEd: £75 a day for three stories, at least 200 words (give or take) each
CommishEd: they can be filed any time
TechHack: goodo
TechHack: so
TechHack: 600 words
TechHack: for £75
CommishEd: er, i guess so
TechHack: not so great
CommishEd: well, no
CommishEd: but then it’s hardly cutting edge journalism
CommishEd: the pay is commensurate with the effort required to write the pieces, i think

Churner’s interpretation? “We’re all fucked.”

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