The Guardian leads Israel - Palestine coverage


The Guardian published most news stories on the most recent Israel – Palestine conflict, according to a report.

The report, from Arab Media Watch – a group that campaigns for ‘objective British coverage of Arab issues’– said The Guardian published 63 news stories during the three-week war, from 28 December to 17 January.

That was 21 per cent of total stories across the national papers studied, which included London’s Evening Standard, but excluded the Daily Star.

The Times printed 43 news stories – defined as ‘articles that used sources’– The Independent 41, The Daily Telegraph 32, and the Financial Times 26.

The Daily Mirror had 26 stories, the Daily Mail 21, The Sun 18, the Evening Standard 17, and the Daily Express 16.

In the Sundays, The Sunday Telegraph published eight stories, The Observer seven, The Sunday Times seven, the Sunday Express five, the Mail on Sunday three, the Sunday Mirror three, the News of the World two, and the Sunday Star two.

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