The Guardian goes 24-hour

The Guardian has revealed the next phase in its bid for web domination by announcing the launch of a free downloadable print newsletter, which will be updated every 15 minutes.

G24 will be an eight- to 12-page PDF file covering either general news, international news, economics, sport or media stories. It is put together by a computer, which harvests copy from the Guardian Unlimited website.

The product is aimed at lunchtime and evening commuters who may want an updated print product to read on the train or bus. It is to be launched later in the summer, with BT as a sponsor.

Two weeks ago, The Guardian revealed that it was placing a greater priority on the web than ever, by opting to publish City and foreign news stories first on the internet – rather than in the print edition.

The Guardian has also revealed that it is to launch a monthly international magazine later this year. It will include a mixture of Guardian and Observer content and will be available outside the UK.

A spokeswoman said the publication would be a monthly digest of Guardian content, but was still “some way off”.

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