The end of news?; When is a British reporter not a British reporter?; Mums angered by Daily Mail invasion

The end of news?

Mail Online may reach an amazing 8m people a day online but at what cost?

Contrast the top story from the website last Thursday with the front page of the newspaper.

Mums angered by Daily Mail invasion

Readers of Mumsnet gave Daily Mail journalist Zoe Brennan short shrift when she went on the website’s forum to ask if any had children who were sent straight to a A&E rather than their GP when they had a common infection or minor injury.

Brennan suggested that this could lead to long waits or inappropriate care.

But Mumsnetters seemed to think that when it comes to your own children you can’t be too careful. Among the hundreds to pour scorn on the request, these were fairly indicative:

“Ha! But your paper is always running articles about how GPs sent children home when in fact it was meningitis / cancer / other dangerous illnesses.

“I imagine this is just another NHS bashing article where pretty much no-one can win whatever they do?

“My little boy had a temperature and a rash; the gp suggested that it was probably nothing, but could be meningitis. We went to A&E, and he got the all clear, but I would rather stay in A&E all day than risk my child’s health. Once again, the Daily Hate fails.”

Dinner? Holiday? No, Boris – a toaster

Boris Johnson’s gifts and hospitality register provided some fascinating insights into Bojo’s relationship with the media.

There was the two-day holiday with Evgeny Lebedev (it was “purely personal” apparently), a private dinner with Rupert Murdoch, dinner with Rebekah Wade in 2009 – and in November 2008 the gift of an electric toaster from then Metro managing director Steve Auckland. You heard right: Auckland, now Local World chief executive, gave the London Mayor an electric toaster.

When is a British reporter not a British reporter?

Press Gazette got involved in a minor disagreement with the Sri Lankan High Commission in the UK over its reporting of an attempted assassination attempt on British journalist Faraz Shauketaly – who works for the Sunday Leader newspaper.

A diplomat who got in touch with us questioned our description of Faraz as British:

“The fact that one is also British and is a reporter does not make him a British reporter unless one is liberal with semantics or is deliberately done to make the reader believe that he was a British journalist out in Sri Lanka on assignment/ holiday and he became a victim.

“The unfortunate shooting had nothing to do with his being British unless the media wants to give the incident a local interest. Just to make the point, a woman and child is not the same thing as a women with child.”

Er… Bigger picture, guys, shouldn’t you be focusing on who tried to kill the poor chap?


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