The Economist launches paid-for daily podcast for Android and Apple devices

Global news magazine The Economist has launched a daily 'podcast' available via Google Play and the Apple Store for a subscription of £2.49 a month.

Here is the press release:

Following the success of its weekly audio edition, The Economist announces the launch of a new daily morning radio show, In Other Words, now available on newly launched Economist Radio – accessed through an app or online.

In Other Words is a daily morning radio package of stories, hand-picked by The Economist’s editorial team, which interprets the most recent global events and trends in news, politics, culture, science and technology that impact the world. The 20-30 minute daily segment provides listeners access to content from some of The Economist’s most-read blogs, interviews, and posts in a new on-the-go listening format.

“We know our audience is passionate about the audio format.  We wanted to provide the experience of intellectual intimacy, the convenience of mobility, and compactness in duration; whilst delivering the unique insights and analysis that The Economist is known for,” said Neelay Patel, VP of innovation for The Economist. He added, "Listening to In Other Words on Economist Radio is a perfect way to access a summary of the world’s events and trends during a commute.”


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