The British Sports Journalism Awards 2002 short list

Shortlisted for the Sports Journalists awards are:

Brough Scott                    The Sunday Telegraph
Matt Dickenson                 The Times
Mike Selby                         The Guardian
Stephen Jones                  The Sunday Times
Mark Reason                     The Sunday Telegraph
Phil Rostron                       Yorkshire Evening Post
Doug Gillon                        The Herald
John Gibson                       Evening Chronicle
David Walsh                       The Sunday Times
Patrick Collins                     The Mail on Sunday
Simon Hart                          The Sunday Telegraph
Andrew Longmere             The Sunday Times
Martin Johnson                   The Daily Telegraph
Charlie Sale/Steve Curry    The Daily Mail
Mark Sousten                     The Times
Mihir Bose                          The Daily Telegraph
Harry Harris                       The Daily Express
Oliver Holt                          The Daily Mirror
Michael Parkinson              The Daily Telegraph
Martin Samuel                    The Times
Richard Williams                 The Guardian




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