The Arab takes the politics out of Middle East

A British journalist has launched a pan-Arab English-language current affairs magazine to highlight topical issues from the Arab world, reported from an apolitical stance.

The Arab was launched this month by owner and publisher Anna Costin, a British journalist of Syrian descent. Tt will be published six times a year and be available globally on subscription only. The title aims to provide readers with a range of original stories from across the Middle East and North Africa, and will report on pan-Arab issues as well as pressing issues from individual states.

The first issue tackles the question: Will political or civil society lead the way in achieving a lasting peace in Israel and Palestine? It also asks: How can a female preacher address issues of intimacy in Cairo’s mosques?

Costin, who was born and raised in London, said she came up with the concept of the publication after spotting what she felt was a gap in the market.

She said: ‘The Arab stands out from other English-language media on the Middle East and North Africa as it focuses on the entire region, concentrates on quality editorial content with limited advertisements, and is independently-owned – linked to neither a large-media parent nor any government. Our contributors come both from within and outside of the Arab world, to give a balanced voice.”

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