Telegraph sets out plan for web revamp

The UK's oldest national newspaper website is being revamped to be "cleaner, sleeker" and include more audio and video. is promising readers larger text with its new look and more news added throughout the day in the form of written articles, audio and video.

Other new additions include:

■ More "economic snapshots" on the business pages, including info on key indicators such as house prices, unemployment, inflation, GDP and interest rates

■ Content on the travel pages divided by continent and country

■ Property pages to include data on historic prices and access to 7.5 million UK house prices

■ A revamped blogging site including online diaries from Telegraph writers such as Celia Walden, Ben Fenton and Hilary Alexander.

Telegraph online editorial director Edward Roussel said: "Our aim is to strip out the clutter, allowing readers to focus on the news and views that matter. We also want our readers to be engaged with the news-making process, by sharing their views on our blogs and other forms of online discussion. Our ambition is to go much further in the development of our product in the months ahead."

The most recent officially audited traffic figures for (in May) put it on 5.6 million users per month. In July, The Sun's website had 6.5 million unique users, The Times 8.5 million and The Guardian 13.1 million.

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