Telegraph letter sees man go Christmas card crazy

A man who wrote to the Daily Telegraph to say he received only six Christmas cards in 2007 – and none that were meant for him – was inundated with cards from Telegraph readers this year.

Eugene Harkin, from Bolton, wrote on November 26 that ‘not everybody receives an abundance of cards. Last year was not a bumper year for me – I received six cards, four addressed to the previous owner and two misdirected by the Royal Mail to my address”.

He continued: ‘Perhaps if other organisations followed the Royal Mail’s lead I might be able to fill the windowsill too this year.”

But, in today’s Telegraph, he wrote: ‘I’ve been overcome these last few weeks with Christmas cards sent from the four corners of Britain and beyond by Daily Telegraph readers.

‘Some have been signed by people’s pets. Christmas cards decorated all my windowsills and most of the walls.

‘A book stands on the table in front of me. Its last words seem a fitting note on which to end: ‘God bless us, every one’.”

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