Tea break anyone? NUJ urges journalists to work their hours today

The NUJ is urging journalist to “work your proper hours” today claiming that some 49,250 media professionals work an average of 7.4 hours a week of unpaid overtime.

The figures, based on TUC research, place media workers fourth in league table of professionals who work beyond their job description and requirements.

NUJ general secretary Michelle Stanistreet said: “Cuts to editorial posts and recruitment freezes mean that many are working longer and longer hours. We are all prepared to go the extra mile when required, but members are routinely covering for their former colleagues and working excessive hours.”

According to NUJ, which has conducted research at Trinity Mirror and Newsquest, many journalists are covering for redundant posts and the poorest paid work some of the longest hours, which in turn has affected the quality of journalism produced.

TUC unpaid overtime table

Profession: number working unpaid overtime, proportion of total in profession, average number of hours worked

  • Teaching and educational professionals:      723,997,      55.6%,           9.6 hours
  • Financial institution managers and directors:   49,632,      52.7%,        10.2 hours
  • Health and social services managers and directors:  51,860,   50.5%,    6.9 hours
  • Media professionals:        49,250,              50%,           7.4 hours
  • Functional managers and directors:      293,053,              47.2%,       8.5 hours
  • Research and development managers:       16,544,                46.9%,         5.4 hours
  • Business, research and admin professionals:    252,415,         46.4%,         7.4 hours
  • Legal professionals:                                         56,484,             46.2%,            8.4 hours
  • Quality and regulatory professionals:             43,799,               43.1%,            6.9 hours
  • Architects, town planners and surveyors:        77,139,                42.8%,              6.9 hours
  • Managers and directors in transport and logistics 67,951:          42.4%,             7.5 hours
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