Taylor made for Sun, sex and the city

Kate Taylor: appointed to write exclusively about sex for the paper

The Sun’s first sex writer is relying heavily on her own experiences when she’s imparting spicy tips to readers.

Kate Taylor wrote the Sex column in GQ when she was single and dating.

Now married and a mother, spicing up a tired relationship gets top priority in The Sun .

For the woman who wrote The Good Orgasm Guide and Life’s Too Short for Tantric Sex , making The Sun’s features and news pages ‘racier’ must be second nature.

At the paper for three weeks, she was new associate editor (features) Dominic Mohan’s first appointment.

With agony aunt Deirdre Sanders covering the mainly sex-based problems page, Mohan wanted a wider spread of sex stories through the book.

“Obviously a lot of our readers have sex – or we hope they do,” he told Press Gazette . “We do think it’s an important part of the mix in the paper.

“Katie is a very experienced, very funny, talented writer. She seemed destined to work at The Sun – she’s got the right personality, she’s fun and bright and breezy and the stuff she writes is highly entertaining for men and women.

“She doesn’t pull any punches and she always has her tongue firmly in her cheek. I think her writing deserves a wider audience.

“The response we’ve had from readers so far has been excellent. She gets a lot of letters.”

Taylor sees The Sun as “a very couple based paper”. Her target is mainly married couples with children, she said, “though obviously we do a lot of dating stuff. So it’s loads of sex tips, ways to help people in long-term relationships keep the excitement going.”

Now 33 and married with an 18 month-old son, Tom, her musings on sex have broadened since she started at GQ on staff at 26 and then began writing the Sex column when James Brown was editor. She wrote the column for five years, even after she went freelance, specialising in sex and relationships.

“I was single then and there was lots of dating, very much like Carrie Bradshaw” ( Sex and the City’s sexually adventurous star).

She finds writing at The Sun “fabulous” and a progression in her career.

“Working at GQ was amazing because I was single and that column gave women the chance to talk to men about sex. There was a great feeling of helping men to please us.

“Now it’s more of a kind of family thing because I do know from firsthand experience that your sex life can suffer after you have had a baby. It’s more about coming up with innovative tips to keep things spicy. I hate the way that when sex becomes dull within a relationship, people look elsewhere.”

Her new book, A Woman’s Guide To Sex , is published by Cassell Illustrated.

By Jean Morgan

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