Tatler lifts lid on cosmetic surgery

Tatler has produced a cosmetic surgery guide in response to mounting interest from readers, writes Ruth Addicott.

The 60-page glossy provides advice on everything from breast implants and nose refinement to ‘radio frequency waves’ used to tighten areas of the neck and the Brava Bra – a suction device that women can wear at night to increase the size of their bust.

The spin-off is a first for Tatler, which is hoping it will become an annual fixture.

Tatler beauty director Kathleen Baird-Murray, who edited the guide, said: “Whereas before British people were much more wary about anything artificial, plastic surgery is now commonplace.

Things like botox and collagen injections have made surgery a much less scary concept.”

Baird-Murray said interest had been sparked by celebrities and TV programmes such as Nip/Tuck. She said there was a natural curiosity and a growing awareness among readers that they can do things to change the way they look. “We wanted to produce something that was responsible and gave people the opportunity to see what kinds of procedures were available.

We get phone calls and I often get asked personally ‘where can I get this done?’ and ‘where can I get that done?’. Spas and plastic surgery are the most common questions.”

Tatler is hoping the guide will have mass-market appeal because of the voyeuristic element attracting readers who would not even consider surgery.

“We would like to make it a regular fixture, certainly annually,” she added.

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