Swine flu closes in on Michael Jackson as most popular UK news search

After Michael Jackson, swine flu was the most searched-for news term on the internet last month – according to the extremely useful Google Insights for Search service.

I’m writing this blog post – not just as a piece of naked traffic chasing (though admittedly that was my prime motivator), but also to point out the usefulness of this new Google service.

It enables you to narrow down your parameters to the UK and to news-only searches to find what the great British public are interested in at any one time. It’s well worth bookmarking for any journalist who works in online news.

I’ll report back on how much traffic this post gets.

By the way, I was pointed in the direction of Google Insights for Search and shown how to use it by the Google press office – who were extremely helpful, which was surprising given that they really don’t need to be.

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