Survey suggests 7 million Britons have seen Kate topless pictures


As many Britons have viewed the banned Duchess of Cambridge topless pictures in the UK as would have if they had appeared in The Sun.

The UK’s top-selling newspaper has a daily readership of around seven million according to the National Readership Survey.

And according to a YouGov poll published in yesterday’s Sunday Times (£) – some 20 per cent of British adults, around 7m people, have admitted viewing the pictures of the Duchess online.

The pictures have been published in Closer magazine in France and copies can be found by UK internet users, even though the pictures have not been carried by any UK publication or website.

According to the Sunday Times poll, in which 1,608 adults were questioned, 73 per cent thought it was wrong to publish the photos and 61 per cent agree that the photographer who took them should face a criminal prosecution.

French police are current trying to track down the photographer after the Royals registered a criminal complaint last week.



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