Survey: National front-page content and bylines dominated by men

New research carried out by Women in Journalism suggests that men dominate not only the stories on national newspaper front pages – but the bylines as well.

They studied all the major UK national daily newspaper front pages from 16 April to 13 May this year.
The study found that 78 per cent of all front page bylines were male, versus 22 per cent female, with wide variance between titles.
The Daily Express was the title with the most female bylines over the survey period with a 50/50 split.
UK national newspapers ranked by female front-page byline count:
  1. Daily Express: 50 per cent
  2. Daily Mail: 24 per cent
  3. Daily Mirror: 21 per cent
  4. FT: 33 per cent
  5. Guardian: 22 per cent
  6. The Sun: 18 per cent
  7. The Times: 18 per cent
  8. Daily Telegraph: 14 per cent
  9. Independent 9 per cent
The content of the lead stories was also dominated by men, according to WIJ 84 per cent of those quoted or mentioned by name in front-page stories were men. However, 79 per cent of those who might qualify as "victims" in front-page stories were women. This analysis was confined to the first named person in each lead story.
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