Survey claims £25,440 average for mag reporters in London

A new survey from the National Union of Journalists has revealed that magazine reporters in London have seen their pay rise by just over £3,000 to £25,440 on average since 2000.

The London Magazines Branch of the union today sent out details of an anonymous survey of its members which shows that editors’ pay has risen by an average of 3.35 per cent a year to an average of £38,885.

The highest salary of any respondent was £75,000 while the lowest was £18,000 – a ‘scandalous’amount according to branch officials. In the June edition of the branch newsletter, the £18,000 earner was being paid for a 35-hour week but in fact said they worked around 48 hours a week.

The figures hide a wide discrepancy within job roles: some reporters earn as much as £39,000 and editors can get between £26,000 and £52,000.

Only 10 per cent of all respondents said they kept to their contracted 35 hours a week with another 10 per cent working more than 50 hours a week. The average working week was 36.5 hours.

Average salaries in full:

  • Reporter – £25,440
  • Senior reporter – £31,535
  • Staff writer – £26,670
  • Section editor – £33,000
  • Sub-editor – £23,880
  • Chief sub-editor – £35,580
  • Designer – £25,500
  • Picture researcher – £27,700
  • Deputy editor – £33,580
  • Editor – £38,885
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