Surprise surprise?

Differing views from the Evening Standard media section on Patience Wheatcroft’s exit.

“Last night’s departure of Patience Wheatcroft as editor of the Sunday Telegraph came as little surprise to her staff”, reported Roy Greenslade.

“Surprise among staff at the Sunday Telegraph that editor Patience Wheatcroft has departed” was how media diarist Gideon Spanier put it. He said she had been “noticeably cheerful” at conference on the morning of her departure.

On the subject of media columnists apparently not knowing what is going in their own paper, Axegrinder must mention Peter Wilby’s column in The Guardian this week.

In a piece about newspaper prices ‒ in the wake of The Times going up by 5p last week ‒ he neglected to mention that The Guardian had gone up by 10p.

Announcing the rise on Saturday, The Guardian said it “remains committed to investing in quality journalism”.

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