Sunday newspaper market GROWS following the demise of the News of the World

Sales estimates from MediaTel suggest that the remaining Sunday newspaper titles gained more sales collectively than the 2.7 million average weekly sale of the News of the World.

The last edition of the News of the World sold 3.8m copies, and last Sunday was the first weekend without the UK’s market-leading title.

According to Mediatel last Sunday newspaper sales were estimated to be as follows:

  • The Mail on Sunday increased its sale from an average of 1,927,791in June to 2.6 million, a rise of 34.9 per cent.
  • The Sunday Mirror was up 74.7 per cent to 1,900,000 from 1,087,796.
  • The Sunday Express was up 29.8 per cent to 700,00 from 539,478.
  • The Daily Star Sunday was up 226.8 per cent to 1,000,000 from 305,978.
  • The Sunday Times was up 2.8 per cent to 1,028,872 from 1,000,848.
  • The Sunday Telegraph was up 3 per cent to 488,964 from 474,722.
  • The Observer was up 6 per cent to 306,264 from 288,928.
  • The Independent on Sunday was up 3 per cent to 155,766 from 151,229.
  • The People was up 89.7 per cent to 900,000 from 474,549.
  • The Sunday Express was up 29.8 per cent to 700,000 from 539,478.

According to Mediatel, the total national newspaper sale last Sunday was calculated at 9,079,866 – an overall rise from the average weekly sale in June, of 8,918,747.

Sales will have been boosted by price-cutting and increased promotional spending.

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