Sun says 'sorry' to ET

Newspapers tend not to like having to print an apology. But Axegrinder guesses that The Sun might have enjoyed running its latest mea culpa.

Having published an exclusive tale detailing the sighting of flying saucers above the Church of Scientology’s West Sussex HQ this weekend, the red top was quickly on the receiving end of a lawyer’s letter.

Apparently the publicity-shy but litigation-hungry church was not enamoured with the story and doubted its veracity. At this juncture, it’s probably worth reminding readers that Scientologists preach that human beings are actually alien souls inhabiting earthly bodies.

The Sun obediently went into reverse ferret mode this morning. But it wasn’t L Ron Hubbard’s followers who received the apology.

“Following a letter from lawyers for the Church,” said The Sun, “we apologise to any alien lifeforms for linking them to Scientologists.”

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