Sun reprises 1990 classic front with 'UP YOURS SENORS' message to Spain over Gibraltar

The Sun today reprised one of its most famous front pages when it emblazoned the words “UP YOURS SENORS!” on the front page.

It references a 1990 front page under then Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie which said: “UP YOURS DELORS”.

Back then The Sun was voicing its concerns about a European common currency and more powers for the European Parliament being sought by then European Commission Prpresident Jacques Delors.

Gibraltar’s first minister Fabian Picardo said: “It’s great to have The Sun onside.”

The front page voices The Sun’s defiance to EU suggestions that Gibraltar can only be included in a future trade deal with the UK with the approval of Spain.

The Sun also published a posted in its centre pages today with the words “HANDS OFF OUR ROCK” published in English and Spanish.

In a leader column the paper said that Britain should not go to war with Spain over Gibraltar.

But it added: “Mrs May must refuse to discuss any change in status for Gibraltar and rule out the non-starter of a Spanish veto on trade talks.

“Put simply, the PM should tell the EU and Spain once more: Hands Off Our Rock.”

The Sun didn’t let its forthright message to the Spanish government stop it from promoting its £15 holidays promotion to destinations including Spain on the front page.


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