Sun readers' support for Labour has fallen

By Dominic Ponsford

the Sun yet to reveal which party it is supporting in the next general
election a new poll has revealed that its readers are predominately
Labour voting.

But the MORI survey, conducted from July to December 2004, shows
Labour support among Sun readers has dropped sharply since the last
general election.

It shows that since the 2001 general election
Labour support has dropped among most newspaper readers, but especially
among red-tops: the Mirror 60 per cent (down from 71 per cent), Daily
Star 53 per cent (56 per cent) and the Sun 41 per cent (52 per cent).

With an expected general election 14 weeks away, only the Daily Express has so far come out with a firm endorsement.

It told readers in April last year that it was backing the Conservatives.

the MORI survey found Conservative support among Express readers was
far from overwhelming: 41 per cent say that would vote Tory compared
with 29 per cent Labour and 19 per cent Lib Dem.

The Daily
Express is only the fourth most popular paper with Conservative voters.
The survey puts it behind the Daily Telegraph (61 per cent), the Daily
Mail (53 per cent) and the Financial Times (45 per cent).

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