Sun pulls support for Theresa May and 'with regret' uses splash to urge PM to step down

The Sun has used its front page this morning to urge Theresa May to step down, despite the paper saying it has supported her “since before she came Prime Minister”.

The Sun described the Tory leader as a “dedicated public servant with an unshakeable sense of duty” and, noting its previous support for her, said it was “with regret” that it was now calling on her to go.

“She has lost the backing of much of the country and now her party,” the paper said. It still supports May’s compromise deal, however.

It said May “must set in place a truly dignified exit, culminating in a new leader”, adding: “Theresa May will then go down in history as a great public servant, as the leader who delivered Brexit and proved to the British people that our democracy is robust and far, far more important than any individual. PM, it’s time to move on.”

The Daily Telegraph’s front page runs with a headline for arch-Brexiteer and potential Tory leadership contender Boris Johnson’s latest column above the fold.

The former foreign secretary claims the Government has “bottled it completely” over Brexit and with biblical reference urges the PM to “channel the spirit of Moses in Exodus and say to Pharaoh in Brussels – LET MY PEOPLE GO.”

However, the Daily Express has given May its full backing. Calling for Parliament to “Get behind PM and sort out Brexit!”

May’s ongoing Brexit dilemma also made the front pages of the Times, Financial Times, Guardian and the i.


6 thoughts on “Sun pulls support for Theresa May and 'with regret' uses splash to urge PM to step down”

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