Sun meets Mail half way in battle for Littlejohn

The Sun and Daily Mail have avoided a potentially damaging legal
showdown by “splitting in the difference” in their tug-of-war battle
for columnist Richard Littlejohn.
The writer, whose column hasn’t appeared in The
Sun for over a month, was seeking to join the Daily Mail before his
contract ends in February.
Rather than face a three-day legal hearing at the High Court from
Monday, The Sun has agreed to let Littlejohn start working at the Daily
Mail from December 26.
Both sides would have been keen to avoid a
hearing which would have seen their senior editorial teams tied up in
court and led to both Sun editor Rebekah Wade and Mail editor Paul
Dacre having to take the witness stand.
In a statement The Sun said: “The parties have
settled their differences amicably and wish each other well for the
future. Richard Littlejohn will be joining the Daily Mail on December
26 2005. The parties will make no further comment on the dispute.\”
legal dispute started after The Sun sought an injunction to stop
Littlejohn working for another paper before his contract was up. 
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