Sun has alternative save-journalism plan for 'deluded and arrogant hand-wringers at The Guardian'

The Sun today offers some cheeky advice in its leader column to The Guardian after its executive invesigations editor David Leigh suggested a £2 per month tax on broadband users should be imposed to subsidise quality journalism.

It writes: "Those deluded and arrogant hand-wringers at The Guardian have come up with a bonkers scheme to impose a tax on broadband users to fund money- haemorrhaging publications like their own.

"We have a more sensible proposal. Why not simply put together a product that excites and engages the British public.

"Maybe something millions may like to buy — combining humour, sparkle, campaigning, great sport, exclusives and brilliant headlines?

"A revolutionary concept perhaps… but The Sun is prepared to send a few of our staff over to help out if they want to see how it’s done."

I was also somewhat skeptical about the Leigh plan, not least because it would hand a subsidy of £100m a year to already profitable newspaper titles like The Sun and the Daily Mail.


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