Sun changes caption for manipulated Libya photo

The Sun has changed a picture caption after publishing a manipulated image of Libyan rebels beneath three pro-Gadaffi fighter jets.

The picture was used in a Sun story headlined: “We beg the West for no-fly zone before Gadaffi’s jets destroy us” on 15 March, which was about a rebel leader begging the West – ‘via The Sun’– to ‘save us”.

Reader Robert Cooke complained to the Press Complaints Commission after suspecting the image had been manipulated and that ‘this was misleading to readers and akin to propaganda”.

A statement released by the PCC today said: ‘The newspaper explained that the complainant was correct and the image was, in fact, two separate photographs.

‘It thanked him [Cooke] for pointing out that some clarification was required. The complaint was resolved when the newspaper amended the caption accompanying the online image to make clear that the image of the Libyan rebel was a ‘Vision of freedom’ and the jets had been photographed at an earlier time.’

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