Sun and Mail Online both take down stories claiming Jeremy Corbyn was 'dancing a jig' on way to Cenotaph

The Sun and Mail Online have both taken down online stories which suggested Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was “dancing a jig” on his way to the Cenotaph on Rembrance Sunday.

The Mail Online story was headlined: “Is this really the day to audition for Strictly, Jeremy? Corbyn appears to dance a jig at the Cenotaph as he waits for the Remembrance Day parade.”

The Sun’s headline said: “Jeremy Corbyn dances his way down Downing Street as he attends Remembrance Sunday.”

Both papers showed a sequence of photographic stills to back up the story.

The Daily Mirror reported that the photos in fact showed Corbyn walking along and talking to 92-year-old World War Two veteran George Durack who said he was: “walking along with Jeremy and he certainly didn’t dance”.



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24 thoughts on “Sun and Mail Online both take down stories claiming Jeremy Corbyn was 'dancing a jig' on way to Cenotaph”

  1. the funny thing is that these papers will write about their pride in the war heroes but their attitude
    is that of a facist. But the moronic self righteous brits have forgotten why they honour the dead instead take great pride in thinking the whiteman did it alone, no the white nazi man failed and the forces of multiculturalism won. If any brit actually went to a service on 11/11 they would have heard of the great multicultural effort to rid the world from facism. shame the new alt-right (facists) are now sons/grandsons of the great dead heroes.

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