Sun and FT alone see June boost to figures

The Sun and Financial Times were the only national daily newspapers to increase year-on-year sales in June.

The Sun boosted its year-on-year circulation by just under one per cent to 3.09 million copies, the latest ABC figures show.

The other redtops saw sales declines over the month. The Daily Mirror lost 5.97 per cent year on year, to a sales average of 1.47m, while the Daily Star dipped 7.87 per cent to 733,244.

The only quality paper to record a year-on-year circulation in crease was the Financial Times, which sold, on average, 993 more copies than in June 2007, a 0.22 per cent increase.

In the last full month before Roger Alton took over as editor, The Independent lost 1.81 per cent year on year to 233,973 sales. Its Sunday stablemate, however, recorded a 14.80 per cent year-on-year sales decline relative to its post-relaunch figure from June 2007. At 209,561 sales, is now just above its June 2006 sales figure.

The Independent on Sunday was not alone – every Sunday paper reported circulation declines, and the sector was down 4.77 per cent over last year.

Hard hit

The redtops continued to be the hardest-hit on Sunday, with sales in the popular Sunday sector off 5.14 per cent year on year.

The relaunched Sunday Sport continued its steep downward slide, shedding 19.23 per cent year on year and 5.3 per cent over May. The People also recorded double-digit year-on-year sales decline, shedding 13.13 per cent to 639,771 readers.

The News of the World fell 3.04 per cent over June 2007, but monthly sales were up one per cent to bring its sales back aboveThe Sun, its daily stablemate which had overtaken it in May.

The Evening Standard posted a 6.93 per cent sales increase in June. However, with 123,635 copies given away free, bulks now account for nearly 42 per cent of its headline figures, up from 38 per cent in May.

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