Successful and ethical to core


I was saddened to read of the passing of Joe Vodicka in the
excellent obituary by my old friend Nick Light (19 August), although
glad indeed to see he had such a fulfilled retirement.

When Joe
began freelancing in Winchester in the 1960s, he was a breath of fresh
air. Used to national newspapermen (yes, inevitably male)n and
stringers with scant regard for ethical journalism or the skills of
local reporters, we were greeted by a genial northerner who wanted to
work with us, did not cut ethical corners, had a respect for the truth
and was still a very successful operator.

He established a
realistic and mutually beneficial relationship with us and we, in turn,
learned from his high professional standards.

Joe was a keen
member of the Hampshire NUJ branch and I was proud and honoured to be
the person who presented him with his deserved life membership of the

We need more like him.

Bob Norris, vice-chair, NUJ Ethics Council

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