Student editors planning “EdFest 2008” conference

Being a student editor can be a lonely world. Many a night spent in a newsroom, sweating, hammering away typing nibs as if the very Earth we live on would collapse if the deadline is missed.

But fear not: You are not alone!

Joseph Beech, editor of SCAN magazine at Lancaster University, has put the wheels in motion for organising ‘EdFest 2008’. He hopes student editors from all over the country will converge in Leicester (subject to change!) for what is sure to be a cracking night out.

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Joseph has set up a Facebook group (obviously!) to help set up the event and gather ideas.

From the group:

Alright guys, a term has passed and no doubt some of you have been working ridiculous bastard hours for little to no pay getting your student paper out.

So why not book a trip to EdFest? Let’s all get annihilated and talk about newspapers! Boom!

Many of you will have been to conferences to meet other editors (mostly regional), I propose the best idea would be to organize this independently of the NUS and treat it more as a wicked house party.

Suggestions for venue? So far the lovely Leicester editor has agreed to host us, which works for me… somewhere central in the country would be sweet as it should be easiest for us all to get to.

Sounds good to me! The Student Journalism Blog will keep you updated with EdFest 2008.



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