Stationer's Company to reveal winners of 'excellence' awards in media and communications this month

The Stationer’s Company will reveal the winners of its Innovation Excellence Awards for the UK media and communications industry later this month.

The awards will take place on Tuesday, 26 June, at Stationer’s Hall in central London. This year the awards have attracted 43 entries, up by one third on last year.

Awards chairman Jonathan Drori said: “Judging innovation is never easy because, of course, every entry includes something that hasn’t been done before.

“Again this year, the judges have had a bumper crop of excellent and exciting innovations to consider, often bringing art and technology together and entered by companies ranging from tiny firms to big multinationals from every one of our sectors.

“There have been impressive developments in printing and packaging, in environmental improvements, in the latest augmented and virtual reality, in education and training and even in entire business models.”

Drori said the panel had been pleased to see “such an exciting and diverse set of entries”, adding: “Everyone says this is a time of unprecedentedly rapid change – judging these awards has enabled the panel to observe the nuts and bolts of this change first-hand.”

For tickets, visit or email or call 020 7246 0982. Tickets cost from £55 per person.

The Stationers’ Company is City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content Industries. Its memers include those who work in the print, publishing, newspaper, broadcasting and online media industries.

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