St Bride's to start, but where next?

From: Robin Corry Subject: Fleet Street Day John Dale’s suggestion
of a Fleet Street reunion day is an excellent idea and Canon David
Meara’s offer of St Bride’s Church as the place to start, complete with
choir, most welcome – though to ensure a decent turn-out the devotions
would have to be completed before opening time. I’m sure both Canon
Meara and his Boss are well aware of that.

I imagine the turn-out would be quite large and we’d need a pretty big venue for probably a buffet lunch.

a much smaller scale, some of us who used to work for Associated
Newspapers’ Weekend magazine when it was a paid-for have regular
reunions, complete with traditional five-hour Fleet Street lunches.
We’re next meeting up for lunch at our old office extension, The
Harrow, on 17 November and I’d be glad to hear from ex-staffers who
would like to join us.

Robin Corry Esher, Surrey

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