Sport editor Livesey resigns for BBC job

Daily Sport and Sunday Sport editor-in-chief and managing director Tony Livesey has resigned from Sport Newspapers today to work for the BBC.

In addition to his position as editor-in-chief and managing director at Sport Newspapers, Livesey currently presents the breakfast show on BBC Radio Lanchashire and has just finished working on a five-programme series on Channel 4 which he wrote and presented.

He will report on sport for the regional TV news programme BBC North-West Tonight, the region's flagship evening news programme and is also hoping to work on other TV projects on the BBC.

Livesey told Press Gazette his lasting legacy would be the Cutting Edge Channel 4 documentary about the Sport that showed him coming up with the headline "Shoots You, Sir" about the murder of Gianni Versace. The headline referred to popular comedy sketch show The Fast Show that included a sketch where two tailors said the catchphrase "Suits you, Sir".

Livesey said: "One of my other proudest moments was when I didn't quite believe the story 'Aliens turned our son into a fish finger' so I told the reporter to go to Asda buy a packet of fish fingers, mix the child in with them and see if the mother could pick it out."

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