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Spleling mitsakes of the week

Kiwksave Axegrinder really doesn’t mean to pick on one paper’s errors, but it would seem wrong to pass the opportunity of telling you about some recent classics from the Bristol Evening Post.

An unfortunate punctuation malfunction in a sandwich board: “EMILY IS NO RACIST UNCLE”, gave an unexpected transgender twist to the latest Big Brother race row.

The city’s Kwik Save staff, already bracing themselves for a national round of redundancies, must have felt relieved upon learning, via last Wednesday’s splash, that there was to be a “SHOCK CLOSURE” at “KIWK SAVE”, not Kwik Save.

But in the interest of fairness, these Bristol subs can sometimes really enliven an issue, and anyone who doesn’t want to read the story behind the sandwich board: “CRASH DEATH MAN WAS EATING SALAMI”, isn’t worth knowing.



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