Spectator editor: Do not insult owners if you can avoid it

The main quality needed of editors this year is nerve”, Spectator editor Matthew D’Ancona tells former New Statesman editor John Kampfner in a Guardian interview.

D’Ancona predicts that print circulation will “consolidate” around the 77,000 figure in the next magazine ABCs – after several period of growth.

And he reveals unaudited figures showing that the Spectator  had 338,053 unique users on its website in October – up 160 per cent year-on-year.

D’Ancona admitted changing a book review written by Sir Peregrine Worsthorne – which was critical of Spectator owners the Barclay brothers, a move prompted Worsthorne to lodge a PCC complaint.

He said the incident was a one off: “You don’t neccessarily want to insult your owners if you can avoid it.”

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