Something very fishy about this 'howler'

Tuesday’s Daily Mail carries a piece by Martin Toseland claiming to bring together a selection of “the worst misprint howlers”, but has the Mail itself made a bit of a cock-up?

The standfirst explains that Toseland has collected some of the “most amusing … unintentionally funny misprints” and includes the following headline from the Gateshead Post: “CHIP SHOP OWNER BATTERED MAN”

To this pair of eyes, there is no howler to be seen and the sub has chosen his words very deliberately. In fact, Axegrinder suspects this fine piece of work was once featured in Press Gazette’s Headline of the Week contest (remember that?).

To make matters worse, on the Mail’s website, this so-called howler is used in the headline accompanying Toseland’s feature.

One suspects that somewhere in the North East there is a sub very keen to have a word with Mr Toseland.

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