Society of Editors: Who said what at the conference

"We've come across the media catastrophe ravine, I think we've come across and on the other side is a flatter plateau."

Observer editor Roger Alton on newspaper circulations

"What you read is spiteful, biased, inaccurate factoid-based journalism that portrays you as a hateful, terrifying, anti-social, petty criminal that society would be better without. Plus a lot of crap about celebrities, conquest shagging and footballer's wives. And � ungrateful wretch that you are � you decide that, no, you are not going to shell out 50p to read that kind of stuff."

Observer internet columnist John Naughton on why teenagers won't be buying The Sun or the Mail

"The day I see fish and chips wrapped in yesterday's website is the day I see newspapers come to an end." Daily Mail managing editor Robin Esser

"To produce a procession of prostitutes, people you've bunged money to and politicians and then be surprised when the verdict goes against you� well, shockarooney, as Frank McAvennie might say." Alastair Bonnington, a lawyer for BBC Scotland, on the News of the World's surprise at Tommy Sheridan's recent libel trial win against them

"There has never been a better time to be a journalist for those willing to grasp the opportunities"

Press Holdings chief executive Andrew Neil "The days are numbered for those journalists who fill their columns with the contents of their spleen and bile-duct rather than the contents of their notebooks."

BBC College of Journalism editor Kevin Marsh

"You are all the equivalent of Mansfield Town football managers, whatever you do the lads will let you down and the most you can hope for is a no score draw."

Media commentator Ray Snoddy on editors

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