Soccer boss out at press ban club

By Dominic Ponsford

The football club owner who banned Luton on Sunday reporters from the press box has himself been shown the red card.

Businessman John Gurney bought debt-ridden Luton Town in June for a reported sum of £4. Luton on Sunday was immediately critical of the move and three weeks ago the paper was banned from talking to anyone at the club or entering the press box.

But the threat proved to be short-lived after news this week that the club had gone bankrupt and Gurney’s reign was over. Luton on Sunday editor Aylia Fox said: “We have been predicting that the club would go into administration for the past few weeks.

“We’ve been campaigning from the start for him to have nothing to do with the club because we know what he has been up to.

“Our sports editor did a number of opinion pieces basically saying that he should go as soon as possible.”

Gurney was charged and then acquitted in connection with a £40m drug-smuggling ring. He was also involved in the controversial takeover and sale of Bedford Rugby Club in 1999.

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