Snow brightens up Washington

It wasn\’t part of his mission , but the new White House spokesman Tony Snow is turning the daily Washington Press briefings into more colourful sessions. Mainly by his wardrobe, particularly his shirts.and ties. He is proving he is not the stereotypical Press secretary.
With a few exceptions, such as Pierre Salinger in the Sixties and Ron Nessen a decade later, most of the White House Press secretaries have not worn stand-out clothes. President Bush\’s first Press Secretary Ari Fleischer left it to his wife to choose his clothes and mostly she picked conservative looking suits.
Some have said its because most of the previous White House Press secretaries have come from newspapers or political public relations. Professions not renowned – at least in Washington – for their sartorial choice of clothing. Snow came from television.

He picks his shirt and tie colours, it seems, to match the mood of the news he is purveying.

Discussing Syria recently he wore a serious white shirt and maroon tie. When Bush came out to discuss the quick trip he made to Iraq, Snow wore a cheery looking pink shirt and light blue tie.

All this coincides with the changes being to made to brighten up the Press Room at the White House. Briefings these days are more important than they used to be. There are now repeated sound-bites on TV in which the Press Secretary has to look his best, And some would add convey an upbeat note. Pink it seems these days is good politics!.

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