Slideshow: Twitter for Newsroom Leaders - And Press Gazette Twitter milestone

Press Gazette now has 6,000 Twitter followers and has made more than a 8,000 Tweets.

To follow Press Gazette, which means you’ll receive a Tweet every time we post a story or blog post, search for pressgazette on Twitter or click here.

For any journalist who still doubts the virtue of Twittering here’s a handy slideshow from Steve Buttry in the US on Twitter for Newsroom leaders:

Twitter For Newsroom Leaders

View more presentations from Steve Buttry.

For Press Gazette Twitter has become a major source of traffic.

Of the 117,000 visitors to the site we had last month, four per cent came in via Twitter – making it our biggest source of referrals after Google.

It’s also a handy way to keep in touch with what our readers are thinking through the more than 1,000 whose Tweets we follow.

Hat tip to Julian Bray’s Duckhouse Blog for spotting the slideshow.



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