Sky News project aims to send more reporters out of the newsroom in search of 'the truth of a fractured Britain'

Sky News will send more reporters out of the newsroom as part of a new initiative to get a “clear and balanced” view of what is happening on the ground across the UK.

Throughout 2018, journalists will report from “Line 18” – a route through the UK which has been plotted “in search of the surprising truth of a fractured Britain”.

The line, along which almost half the British public live, runs from Essex to London, through the Midlands to Manchester, Glasgow and across to Belfast.

Sky News head of newsgathering Jonathan Levy said: “The stories that Sky News finds here aim to give a clear and balanced picture of what’s going on in our country, more so than the normal dividing lines of north and south, town and country, young and old.”

Levy shared the sentiment of BBC media editor Amol Rajan in a speech that journalists need to “take a look in the mirror” after failing to call many of the decade’s biggest stories.

In a piece headlined: “Journalists need to get out more,” Levy wrote: “Journalism’s recent poor record in identifying what’s really going on is a sorry story of not seeing the whole for all the parts.

“The Brexit vote, Donald Trump’s victory and Jeremy Corbyn’s electoral durability took most of the news media by surprise. Clearly, journalists need to get out more.”

Sky News reporters will look into the impact of automation on communities, the social attitudes of the millennial generation, and issues including religion, race and poverty to examine how the UK is changing in 2018.

Levy said: “The balance we’re trying to strike is between the coverage of institutions – governments, parliaments, think tanks – and the views and experiences of ordinary people and their everyday lives.

“Stick too close to the former and there’s a real danger of missing what’s really going on with the latter. It’s a recipe for getting caught out.”

He admitted that in the build up to the Brexit vote, Sky News journalists were among those who assumed voters would take heed of warnings from the Government, the Bank of England and the City and vote to remain in the European Union.

He said more attention should have been paid instead to a report by Sky’s Lisa Holland on the Dorset coast looking at attitudes towards immigration, which turned out to be a key factor in the referendum.

Line 18 reports already published include “The life of the rich and famous in Cheshire” and “Is wealth just about having money?” which asked people around Britain how they would define wealth.

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4 thoughts on “Sky News project aims to send more reporters out of the newsroom in search of 'the truth of a fractured Britain'”

  1. I would also suggest that you get together with communities and seriously examine some of the local council interactions with various residents, both business, and in properties,private and locally leased , so that you can gain a far clearer picture of what I can only term their completely unpractical ideas of how they feel they can levy charges on landlords placing yet even more people, families all age groups into vulnerable situations where quite easily these could have been resolved through easy practical means without the need for what one can only see as an extra tax aimed at paying off their governments debts that they have accrued themselves and where needles over expenditure by such councils could have been far better managed and hastn’t been in many cases

    The general public are sick to death of having their lives ruined by a the incompetent badly managed boroughs which is what much of this boils down too

  2. The UK didn’t really have any problems, yes has always been section of communities that have always been bad with regards poverty , most of which is down to training and education and not wanting to work for a living , not that too many of us can blame some of them watching how employers have treated thier staff but none of this was that bad until they joined the EU

    Its only since joining the EU that greed has risen sharply with respect to properties and selling off the Uk which has let to situations that have spirelled out of control since and where real problems have risen

    But its good idea for reporters to get out there into the real world and focus on this My suggestion is that you do similar in wool-which , plum stead , and many other London areas where although there appears to wealth that much of the supposed wealth is actually false documentations with rents , rates , vastly overpriced and way over the top mortgages which are purely banks , mortgage brokers are soley to blame and where lending has far exceeded what you would ordinary consider to be normal lending

    Cheating , falsifying earnings that has brought much of this with corruption , backhanders and all sorts of ongoings These are the underlying reasons for some of this or the base statistics of this Greed amongst property developers being the major part fo the problems with extensions into sweat shops , people trafficking , refugees , illegal immigrants

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