Sky News launches live video feed from Supreme Court

Sky News today launched a continuous live video feed from the UK Supreme Court.

Writing on his Sky News blog, associate editor Simon Bucks said:

This is a significant event because the Supreme Court is the only UK court which allows cameras at all, apart from some very restricted access in Scotland, and the only one which permits live coverage.

The hearings in the Supreme Court may not have quite the drama of Silk or “Judge Judy but the decisions made by its Justices on important points of law can be critical.

He added:

A few minutes watching the proceedings will dispel one of the arguments used by those who oppose televising all courts: that judges and lawyers will ‘act up’ to the camera. They don’t.

The move is part of Sky News’ ongoing efforts to convince the Government to allow broadcasters to televise the sentencing remarks of judges in criminal cases, and their judgments in civil cases.

Last week the Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer QC appeared to back plans to allow cameras into court.

He told a lunch hosted by the Parliamentary and Legal committee of the Society of Editors:

In principle I would support a proposal that judgments, judges’ closing remarks and judicial sentencing in criminal cases could be televised.

There may be a case for going further, although I would obviously not want to promote anything that adversely affected the ability of victims or witnesses to give their best evidence to the court.”



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