Sky News enjoys biggest royal baby website traffic boost

Data from Experian Hitwise suggests that Sky News got the biggest royal baby boost of any UK news website on Monday, up 93 per cent on the same day a week earlier.
The next biggest increase went to ITV News, up 50 per cent, and then BBC News, up 40 per cent.
The world’s biggest newspaper website, Mail Online, was up 12 per cent on a week earlier. According to internal estimates quoted by The Guardian, Mail Online’s traffic total for Monday was its highest ever with 10.6 million global unique users 
According to Experian Hitwise there were 94 million global 'visits' to news and media websites in the UK on Monday (compared with a daily average of 64 million). 
It has released data for the top 20 UK news and media websites and their relative performance. 
The only UK national newspaper to show limited interest in the royal baby story, The Independent, was also the only top-20 site to lose traffic week on week on Monday.
Top 20 UK news and media websites ranked by their share of UK internet visits on Monday 22 July (Percentages represent  growth compared to Monday 15 July)
  1. BBC News www.bbc.co.uk/news: up 40 per cent
  2. Daily Mail www.dailymailco.uk: up 12 per cent
  3. Sky News news.sky.com: up 93 per cent
  4. The Sun www.thesun.co.uk: 6 per cent
  5. Guardian.co.uk www.guardian.co.uk: 22 per cent
  6. Telegraph www.telegraphco.uk: 29 per cent
  7. Mirror.co.uk www.mirror.co.uk: 32 per cent
  8. Yahoo! UK & Ireland News uk.news.yahoo.com: up 28 per cent
  9. The Huffington Post www.huffingtonpost.com: up 3 per cent
  10. NewsNow.co.uk www.newsnow.co.uk: 0 per cent
  11. The Independent www.independent.co.uk: down 6 per cent
  12. MSN UK News news.uk.msn.com: up 35 per cent
  13. Google News UK news.google.co.uk: up 24 per cent
  14. Metro.co.uk www.metro.co.uk: up 6 per cent
  15. CNN.com edition.cnn.com: down 3 per cent
  16. Express.co.uk www.express.co.uk: up 40 per cent
  17. ITV News www.itv.com/news: up 50 per cent
  18. The New York Times www.nytimes.com: down 7 per cent
  19. NBC News www.nbcnews.com: up 312 per cent
  20. Evening Standard www.standard.co.uk: up 16 per cent

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