Sky News broadcasts from new studios for first time

Sky News broadcast from its new studios for the first time today.

The studio, known as the “glass box”, is based at a new facility on Sky’s campus in Isleworth, West London, not far from the old studios.

Earlier this month Press Gazette reported that at least around 60 staff had either left Sky news and Sky Sports or faced redundancy ahead of the studio move.

A Sky spokesperson said: “A small number of staff have left in recent months in normal course of business as we review future plans and priorities.”

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19 thoughts on “Sky News broadcasts from new studios for first time”

  1. Have to agree with most of the comments really do not like what has happened to Sky News everyone looks uncomfortable around the table too much white and table is not big enough bring back the old style please.

  2. I have been a loyal Sky News viewer since it began in 1989. Over the years and including the move over to digital broadcasting i have seen many changes in the News Studio some good and some bad, But this more recent one i do not like, It is like watching gold fish in a fish tank and having someone project a news ticker at the side of there tank – it looks tacky cheap and hastily thrown together some days they don’t even have chairs please Sky do what you do best give us quality news with a decent studio, The News Studios of the other main stream channels like BBC CNN ABC & FOX News your sister channel are far better.

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